Partnering to provide world-class healthcare


The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.

 KSB Hospital’s mission is to restore, maintain and enhance care by providing superior care now and in the future. We have a long history of expanding the care we provide by partnering with other organizations.

Northern Illinois Home Medical Supply, with retail locations in Dixon as well as Sterling (pictured above) along with The Northern Illinois Cancer Treatment Center are examples of partnerships between KSB Hospital and CGH Medical Center.

I wrote in this space earlier about KSB’s partnership with Physicians Immediate Care to provide urgent care services in Dixon.

KSB has partnered with OSF Healthcare to strengthen the way we take care of our patients that have suffered a stroke.  In January we well begin offering an eICU, or electronic monitoring of intensive care patients by specially-trained physicians to support our doctors here at KSB.

We partner with MercyRockford Health System to care for the sickest of our newborns that require advanced neonatal care.

A partnership between KSB Hospital and Sinnissippi Centers allows us to care for those in our community fighting mental health challenges.

Also outlined on this blog is the close relationship KSB Hospital enjoys with the Lee County Health Department.

The University of Illinois College of Medicine represents a key partnership that allows KSB Hospital to boast of one of the only rural Family Medicine programs in the State of Illinois.

Many other partnerships exist, and all of them share one necessary trait: a deep desire to serve those patients that entrust us with their care, and no small amount of passion for providing world-class care right here in Dixon, Illinois.

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