KSB Hospital and Physicians Immediate Care by KSB Vice President Kevin Marx

picRetail clinic and urgent care center locations have expanded rapidly in recent years as consumers seeking convenient health care options have been attracted by the ability to “walk in” during non-traditional hours. Typical customers of these facilities have minor illnesses or injuries and no primary care physician affiliation or are seeking care during times when their “family doctor’s office” is not open. Employers also use retail and urgent care centers to offer standardized treatment protocols for work related injuries.

When KSB elected to expand its existing occupational medicine office into a full-service urgent care offering, we chose to partner with an established regional network that would allow for a quick launch while using a care delivery model that had been developed and proven over time.   Our location at 1672 S. Galena Ave., launched in July of 2014 in partnership with Physicians Immediate Care (PIC), has been busy since day one. Staffed by physicians and physician assistants, 40% of patients arrive for work related services while the other 60% represent individual patients who are drawn to the center because of the expanded hours or the desire to avoid the cost of an emergency room visit.

One substantial benefit of our partnership is the direct access to KSB Medical Group records that we provide to practitioners at PIC to minimize the risk and cost of duplicative testing. Additionally, to improve care continuity, notes from PIC visits are shared with the primary care physicians of those patient.

PIC is open daily and offers an online check-in option at its website www.physiciansimmediatecare.com/clinics/dixon.

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