Practice Makes Perfect – KSB leads Illinois in CPR Initiative by KSB Volunteer Coordinator Grace Crowe

Candace Lawson

Candace Lawson works on her infant CPR skills

Acronyms are a common thing in the healthcare industry. A lot of the things that we do as healthcare professionals have an acronym attached to it. Even our job titles are in the form of acronyms, RN, CNA, MD. One exciting acronym, RQI, has made its way to KSB – also an acronym.

RQI, Resuscitation Quality Improvement, is a new way to teach CPR skills to our staff. KSB is one of the first in the state of Illinois and across the nation to adopt this new technology-driven way to teach these life-saving skills as developed by the American Heart Association. The traditional way of teaching CPR is to have staff come to a class for three hours every two years. Research is showing that the skills learned and practiced are lessened within six months of the initial training. To provide the best in patient care and better outcomes, RQI switches this training to a high frequency, low volume cycle. Now staff will do their training in bursts, once every three months for 20 minutes.

RQI uses computerized adult and infant manikins that coach the individual as they practice their skills. This ensures that they are doing their compressions and ventilations accurately while developing muscle memory, similar to exercise. If they are to use this lifesaving technique in a real-life situation, their brain, and their body will be properly trained to complete the needed skill. More frequent training equals better outcomes.

KSB is excited to be an early adopter of this new technology-driven CPR training through RQI. Our staff are excited to have the best in training techniques to provide the best care for those that matter most to us…our patients.


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