Goodbye 2015… Hello 2016!


New Year’s provides us all a chance to think about what we’ve been through, where we are today, and what lies ahead for the coming year.

Some things change dramatically over time, but our core principles remain. Here at KSB, our job today is as it has always been: to provide the best possible care for our patients.

No two patients are the same. Some encounter KSB in a doctor’s office, some in the Emergency Department, and some during a hospital stay. Regardless of the setting, when a patient enters our doors, they’re looking for competence, compassion, caring, and respect.

The KSB Family meets those needs better than anyone else.

In the past few years, we’ve seen unprecedented challenges.

Our physicians, and physicians in every hospital in America, have new burdens placed on them by governmental regulations that are changing at a pace the healthcare software companies simply cannot match.

Our nurses continue to think about the patient first, in spite of industry headwinds that demand more of nurses’ attention all the time.

Our support professionals continue to do more with less, as we work to reduce the cost of care for our patients and local employers.

Our billing professionals have worked their way through significant software problems that brought about one of the most challenging eras in KSB’s history. Today’s bills are once again going out accurately and on time, and KSB’s financial health is once again rising.

KSB Hospital in 2016 looks different than it did to start 2015. I am proud of our progress, and I thank all of you who continue to choose us to care for your most precious resource… your health.

–     Dave

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