Care the way it is supposed to be

ICU-KSB-view-from-ER-patient-room-to-nurses-stationWhen I am sick, I own the responsibility for feeling better. I rely on health care professionals at KSB Hospital to coach me back to optimal health.

This week I saw this process in action.

KSB’s Leadership team has committed to spending two hours twice per week “In the Work”. This gives us the opportunity to break away from meetings and office time and visit where care is being delivered.

I spent Tuesday morning observing our Interdisciplinary Team. This team is composed of the attending physician, the attending nurse, a pharmacist, a social worker, and a nurse from the Quality Department.

The group meets at the bedside, in the presence of the patient and their family members, and reviews the current state of treatment, the plan for the day, and the plan moving forward. The entire visit lasts less than five minutes.

I want to be involved in my care, and I want my family members to know and understand my progress. Meeting in the patient room, with the patient and family present, accomplishes this goal.

Bedside reporting is how care should happen. That process happens right here at KSB.



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