KSB After Dark, by Nursing Coordinator Jill Scheffler

Helicopter Over KSBAt KSB Hospital, like many health care settings, having staffed to work the night shift is crucial to maintaining quality patient care. While working the night shift may not appeal to all nurses; some thoroughly enjoy the setting.

According to Navigate Nursing, 30 percent of nurses work the night shift and choose it for greater personal flexibility or higher pay compared to daytime jobs. Nurses claim calmer floors, increased patient-oriented care, and the opportunity to practice more autonomously as reasons for choosing to work overnight.

Have you ever wondered what happens on the night shift at KSB Hospital? Do you believe the patients sleep all night, only the Patient care staff use the bathroom, there is a decrease in admissions, and we have Potluck dinners every night?

These are myths of what happens at KSB Hospital when the lights go out. The truth is there are less than half the resources available on the night shift, there can be as many or more admissions on the night shift as the day shift, and staff have been known not to go to the bathroom for 12 hours because they are too busy taking the patients to the bathroom.

Night shift responsibilities are endless due to a decrease in staff and resources. The Nursing Coordinator and Patient Care Staff assume the roles of a mentor, staff coordinator, security, educator, bedside nurse, fill-in manager, administrator, housekeeper, case manager, and maintenance.

Many nurses will tell you that working the night shift has its drawbacks, including less free time with family and friends, a disrupted sleeping schedule, and difficulty planning meals. Without intending any disrespect to the other shifts, the night shift has benefits such as no administrators, no doctor rounds, more decision-making power, fewer interruptions and distractions, and more independence. The Night Shift is a very cohesive group, helpful to each other, and more fun!

  • Terry Henkel
    Posted at 16:32h, 06 January Reply

    Kudoes to all the hardworking night nursing personnel who make every effort to provide the best care for their patients despite a grueling schedule. My sister Maureen Lenox is one of those fine people.

    • ksbpulse
      Posted at 16:55h, 06 January Reply

      Thank you Terry. I’m very proud of our team, and Maureen has been an important part of that outstanding care delivery KSB is known for for many years!

  • Tricia Hendley
    Posted at 15:54h, 07 January Reply

    Yes the night shift is no picnic, my family can attest to the sleep deprivation, but it is all for the main reason the patient!!!! We love our midnight shift family!!!

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