KSB’s Surgery and Cardiac Cath Teams – It’s the People

Patients find themselves in our hands at their most vulnerable moments. Our patients come to us for relief, either from a chronic condition that has been tolerated for far too long, or an immediate, urgent concern that disrupts their lives at the most inopportune moment.

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to spend time in KSB’s cardiac catheterization department as well as our surgical department.

I saw technology that rivals that in major medical centers. I saw busy departments that reinforce the decision of our community members choosing to “stay home” and support their hospital.

Most importantly I saw members of the KSB Family doing what we do best.

A surgeon asking the patient about to undergo a knee replacement procedure if she liked the music he just started on his iPod playing throughout the operative suite.

The certified nurse anesthetist holding the patient’s hand while the patient drifted off to sleep.

The surgical circulating nurse offering a warm blanket.

Great care happens at KSB every day. The outcomes of our patients are as good or better than anywhere in the world.

The difference is the way we care.

We have said for many years around KSB Hospital that “It’s The People.”

It still is.

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