My own personal Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50 is about a week away; players achieve their life-long dream of competing at the highest level of their profession.

My Super Bowl happens the last Wednesday of every month. I get to play in my Super Bowl twelve times a year.

You see, my Super Bowl is the KSB board meeting. This monthly gathering is a chance for me to share the great work the KSB Family is doing and ask for feedback and suggestions on moving our organization forward.

KSB Hospital is blessed with a board that strongly believes in the concept of leading strategically and leaving operations to the hired professionals.  It is my job to bring game-changing issues and opportunities to our board members and ask for their input.

Agenda items always include feedback from patients on how we are meeting their expectations. Feedback comes in the form of letters written to me.  I share the good and bad, and believe me; there is a whole lot more good than bad!

The President of the Medical Staff informs the board of key activity. KSB’s Chief Financial Officer presents a fiscal update.

We often have a guest speaker, ranging from other hospital CEO’s to industry experts to a member of KSB’s leadership team.

In January items include KSB’s work on cyber security as well as 2016 organizational goals.

This is our metric of moving the ball down the field.

Our board meeting ends every month with what we call Inquiring Minds. Inquiring Minds is a chance for everyone in the room to ask or comment on anything they believe moves KSB closer to fulfilling our mission.

There is no confetti or trip to Disneyland at the end of our meeting, but it represents my lifelong dream to compete at the highest level of my profession.

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