The Stepford Wives – – Special thanks from a patient

It is my pleasure to share with you a wonderful note I received from a patient.  It makes me feel amazing to know the work you are doing on behalf of those we are fortunate to serve.

Note:  Text in parenthesis was deleted for privacy reasons.  This note is published with the author’s permission.


Good evening Mr. Schreiner-

I don’t know if you will remember me or not, but a few years ago we sat next to each other at the (company name withheld for privacy) appreciation/recognition dinner.  I wanted to write to tell you how incredibly impressed I am by KSB hospital and staff. 

I was recently hospitalized for six days, which under any circumstances is difficult.  From the moment I arrived in the ER, to the final day at discharge, I was treated with the utmost respect, care and professionalism.  Yesterday (names deleted for privacy) and I were laughing about how it almost seemed to be a “Stepford Wives” experience because the quality of care I received seemed too good to be true.I  kept waiting for the downside, but it never came.  Each day, no matter whom I spoke with, I was asked how I was feeling and was there anything that could be done to make my experience any better.  Everyone seemed to work together to make me feel welcome, comfortable, and equally as important as any  of the other patients.   

I wish I could think of all the names of everyone who made my experience as wonderful as it was.  Some of the names that I recall specifically include:  Julie from housekeeping; CNA’s Tracie, Roni, Jesse, Lupe and Athenia, nurses Emily, Joy and Jessica, “the used needle guy” who came in whistling Christmas songs and told funny stories, Mrs. Klucke the volunteer, and the MD’s Dr. Pultorek,  Dr. Chandra, Dr. Bocker, and Dr. Mustafa who checked on me every day and answered all of my questions.  The ladies from the lab were also very kind and professional.  I am certain I am missing many other names of the people who did their best every day to make my stay as stress free and enjoyable as possible. 

I cannot tell you enough how impressed I was with KSB, and would recommend it to anyone.  Thank you for all the hard work that everyone has done to make KSB the incredible hospital that it is.  You have all done a wonderful job and I am grateful to know such a wonderful facility is located right here in Dixon. 


(Patient Name Deleted)


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