What if Marriott ran hospitals?

Marriott_Logo_svgWhen I check into a Marriott hotel, my experience is dramatically different than a hospital admission.

The reservation for my hotel room magically appears on my iWatch, kindly asking if I want to check in now so that my room key and the registration process are complete when I arrive.

My entry into a hospital bed is more complicated. A direct admit from my physician’s office leads to an inquisition at Registration, followed by another Q & A from the admitting nurse.

My hotel room is located on either an upper or lower floor, depending on my preference, and has the type of pillow I like.

My hospital room is located based on my illness, with a pillow… maybe.

The point I am feebly trying to make is that hospitals have a long way to go to match the voluminous amount of big data we have on our customers (patients) to their preferences.

The hospitality industry understands that implementing big data leads to satisfied customers.

While hospitals are killing our physicians and nurses with inept software solutions, Marriott is allowing me to order that razor I forgot through my cell phone with their app.

Patient satisfaction matters because it reduces anxiety and leads to more complete healing.  Let’s watch other industries to increase our rate of improvement.

Now if I could just get my insurance plan to pay for that hotel room.


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