What’s your role in morale?

What do you think of when you hear the word morale? Maybe you think about a coach inspiring the team at halftime or a General rallying the troops. Maybe you think of a business closing their doors or an embarrassing defeat. Good or bad, morale is the emotional or mental condition of an individual or a team.

In some ways, we’re each responsible for our own morale. We have the choice of how to react to situations. We can be defensive, angry and point the blame at someone else. Or we can be calm, focused and remain committed to our mission. That’s our challenge as an individual: to make the decision every day to be present, focused, and kind.

When it comes to our workplace, though, morale is about more than just how we handle ourselves. With coworkers, morale is often used to describe the shared sense of purpose within a group. That means that we rely on each other for positive morale and a good attitude.

At work, our challenge is to decide to have good morale ourselves–but also to be a good member of our team. Nobody likes to work on a unit or in a department in which everyone is negative and pessimistic. We all like to work together with people who are honest about the situation, but do so with confidence and optimism about what we can achieve together.

How do you fit in to your team? Are you a positive influence, helping to boost morale? Or do you drag down morale by being negative or cynical?

Together, we all share the challenge of being positive, committed, and kind to one another. Our team succeeds when we each take responsibility for our own morale and show that good example to one another.

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  • Val
    Posted at 10:16h, 20 January Reply

    What a great post, very well written! I agree that in every situation we personally have the opportunity to react positively or negatively to it and whatever we chose this in turn sets the tone for the shift we are working on. We all do own the morale situation. Thanks and have a great day!

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