10 Minutes is All it Takes to Save a Life

I have countless reasons to be proud of Team KSB and the miracles that happen here every day.  Following is an especially exciting example of just that type of herculean effort. 

Thank you to everyone that played a role in the event.  Special thanks to KSB’s Grace Crowe for coordinating the day.  Grace authored the recap below.


KSB Volunteers recently teamed up with the American Red Cross, Delete Blood Cancer, and the Woodward/Bond families to show our support for a sweet little girl, Greer, who is fighting Leukemia. Greer is embarking on a new round of treatment to prepare her for what could be a life-saving procedure, a bone marrow transplant. The problem is that Greer did not have a match.

When the news started traveling about Greer, many community members asked what they could do to help. KSB Volunteers hosted a Bone Marrow Registry Drive for this sweet little girl that brought in 283 successful registrations. This added to what Greer’s family collected on their own raised their total potential donors to over 400. The process from start to finish, including a brief health history and a 30-second cheek swab totaled 10 minutes. If you were unable to attend the drive, you can still get registered at www.deletebloodcancer.org. This organization will send you the kit needed to be added to this life-saving list.

One little girl needs help. Over 400 people respond. This is what is truly amazing about our KSB community.




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