In the Work

January 1 saw the introduction of a concept that is certainly not new here at KSB, but rather a formalized approach to increase our focus on the patient.

KSB Hospital’s Senior Leaders began a program called In The Work.

The goal of this initiative is to free up our schedules to spend time with our patients and the staff that care for them.

No meetings, no scheduled phone calls, no desk time.

Our Senior Leaders are In the Work twice each week, and the early feedback is very positive.

I have observed a patient undergoing a knee replacement in our Surgery Department. I have watched a cardiac catheterization procedure.  I have spent time rounding with our Hospitalist Team.

All of our Vice President’s as well as myself spend considerable hours every week meeting with team members and listening to how we might remove obstacles to allow them to spend more time with their patients.

In the Work is a means of fast-forwarding this process.

The people at KSB do a tremendous job of caring for our patients. It is an honor to see them at their best.


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