Two Men – One City

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Dixon lost two of its biggest supporters last week with the passing of Mayor Jim Burke and Somkit “Sam” Yindeeroop.

I will remember Jim as Dixon’s greatest advocate, working tirelessly to make our city a destination with a strong economic backbone.  Mayor Burke was a great supporter of KSB Hospital, acutely understanding the role our organization plays in the health of our community.

Sam was the founder and owner of Touch of Thai Restaurant. Under his guidance this business began our downtown’s renaissance , bringing people into Dixon for the wonderful food and pleasant environment.

Jim was born in Rockford, Sam was a native of Thailand.  Born in very different places, they shared a love for Dixon.

I imagine these men sitting together, looking down on a vibrant downtown Dixon with new streets and sidewalks bustling with people… and smiling.

Thank you for leaving Dixon better than you found it.



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