Does social media work? A CEO’s Dilemma

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram. These are but a few of the available mediums for communication.

Are any of them effective?

A 2014 study by Social Media Examiner shows “92% of marketers have increased their exposure through social media and 80% had positive results in higher traffic to their site.”  According to the study, increased traffic results in greater brand loyalty, marketplace insights, growing business partnerships and improved sales.

That’s great if we are selling golf balls, but does if matter if we are selling hospital services?

Image matters. KSB Hospital has built our reputation over 120+ years.  It is important to remain relevant, proving to the citizens in Lee and Ogle Counties that the care they receive at KSB rivals that of anyplace in the country.

Can that message be told in less than 120 characters on Twitter or through a Facebook post?

I’m not sure.

I do know that it feels good to increase the number of followers. It feels like the good news we are spreading about KSB is gaining traction.

But just when I start feeling cocky I am reminded of the words of a good friend of mine that makes his living on social media.

“When authoring a piece of work always keep one thing in mind: nobody reads your stuff.”

Duly noted. But I do like seeing pictures of what my friends had for lunch yesterday.

Ummmm. Maybe not.

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