New employees receive a red carpet welcome at KSB! by Human Resources Specialist Tracy Reeder

It’s not easy to get a job at KSB. We receive thousands of applications each year, which affords us the opportunity to choose the best of the best. We are committed to building the best team possible to provide the outstanding service that our patients expect and deserve. Once candidates make it through our intense interview process, we literally roll out the red carpet to welcome them to the KSB family.

Orientation is our opportunity to immerse new employees in the KSB culture. When they enter the training room, they will find their place at the table with a name tent, a KSB logoed gift and their favorite candy (identified during the on-boarding process). We kick off the first day by providing breakfast with our administrative team, followed by a welcome presentation from CEO, Dave Schreiner. We believe the presence of the Leadership team shows their commitment to the hospital, the patients, and to the employees who make KSB an amazing place to work.

New employees spend a day and a half in General Orientation. We schedule subject matter experts to present on topics including, HIPAA, Infection Control, Safety, Ergonomics, Quality, Patient Experience and many more. We understand that a proper welcome to the team is important. It sets the tone, immerses them in the culture and allows them to begin building relationships on day one. We want them to feel at home. We encourage their feedback and truly want to hear their ideas.

We only get one chance to make a first impression, and we want our new employees to finish Orientation feeling inspired, motivated, and happy with their decision to join our team. They are joining an elite group of talented, caring individuals dedicated to serving our patients. They should be proud that they made the cut!

With every person we hire, we always keep in mind; “It’s the people, at KSB”!

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