Give blood… Save lives

KSB Hospital recently partnered with The American Red Cross for a blood drive. The area where the drive occurs is just outside my office, so I get the chance to observe the proceedings throughout the day.

At this session over 110 pints were collected. This total represents one of the larger drives in Northwest Illinois.

I am proud of that.  It tells me our community cares.

All demographics are represented by the people in those chairs sitting in the hallway waiting to donate.  Young, old, male, female, employees and community members.

Every time I donate I think about the path my blood will travel on its way to helping another human being.  That intrinsic satisfaction is what keeps me coming back.

Have you donated blood before? Are you afraid of needles?  What keeps you from helping us raise the total of donated pints above 150?

Think about it. Next quarter when the KSB blood drive comes to town, are you willing to help save a life?


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