Partnership provides speedy patient transfers by KSB Social Worker Julie Ammon

In December 2015 KSB partnered with OSF Lifeline Ambulance from Rockford, Illinois in an effort to provide smoother and more prompt transfers from KSB to other facilities.  These transfers occur for range of reasons; from patients requiring transfer to a higher level of care, to returning patients back to long term care facilities.  The OSF crew is onsite 7 days a week from roughly 930am-7pm and is available to provide quick transport away from KSB for both inpatients and ED patients.  This extra resource allows for smoother transfers and less time spent arranging and waiting for transport.  The crew is an additional resource as well, for example they help other ambulance crews unload patients or provide extra hands in the event of a major trauma.

As a KSB Social Worker, I find having the OSF crew stationed here to be a huge benefit to our patients and community.  Val Pfoutz Director of ED echoed this, “By having the OSF crew onsite, we have developed close working relationships with them and the extra resource has been very beneficial.  There have been a few times when it was getting to the end of the crews shift and we had a potential transfer in the ER.  They stayed to accommodate these late transfers”.

This is another example of service to our community through partnerships, helping KSB Hospital remain an independent community hospital.

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