The only constant is change

The only constant about healthcare is change.  Click here to read a short piece published by a public relations thought leader – Jarrard Inc.

Focus on the last paragraph.  I will share it with you here:

“Educate about where healthcare is headed, the untenable past and need for evolution. Paint a clear vision for the future and their critical role in it.  Acknowledge change is hard… but don’t dwell there.  Then, find ways to invite their engagement in the evolution of your organization.  How can they shape the future?  How can they help creatively implement important initiatives?  Are there new avenues you need to put in place to allow for their voices to be heard?”

KSB is putting in new avenues of communication, and I am constantly seeking new ways to engage the most dedicated team on the planet, those that serve our patients at KSB Hospital.



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