How is KSB doing?

A great friend of mine asked me one of my favorite questions recently: How is KSB doing?

This question gives me the opportunity to share where our organization is and where we are going. As you will see, I am excited about the present as well as the future.

My job is to make sure patients that choose KSB have a tremendous experience. I define the patient experience as world-class quality care in a welcoming environment, all provided at a reasonable cost.

So how is KSB doing?

Quality Care:

KSB was recently named a 4-Star hospital by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, placing it among the best medical care facilities in the country.  This award comes on the heels of an “A” rating from Leapfrog for safety and quality.

Patient Satisfaction:

Over the last 12 months, KSB has jumped into the top quartile in the country in meeting our patient’s expectations.  I am incredibly proud of our team members for getting us back to where we belong in the area of patient satisfaction.

Financial Strength:

KSB has produced a profit of $1,575,523 in the first four months of 2016. At this point in 2015, KSB was showing a gain of $30,449.  This turn-around should largely be credited to our physicians.  Patient access has been identified as our “big rock”, and our doctors are knocking it out of the park.

As of this writing, KSB employs 922 people and has 40 open positions we are attempting to fill.  We are hiring. “It’s The People” remains true at KSB Hospital.  Our ongoing success is dependent upon hiring and retaining great individuals.

KSB is doing well:

Headwinds are a constant in the healthcare industry, and KSB is not sheltered from the challenges all hospitals face, especially rural hospitals.  I remain bullish and can’t wait to see the wonderful story that is KSB Hospital play out in the years ahead.


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