KSB – The Gold Standard for Antimicrobial Stewardship by Robert Baker, Pharm.D.

What is Antimicrobial Stewardship? Antimicrobial stewardship refers to a set of coordinated strategies to improve the use of antimicrobial medications with the goal of enhancing patient health outcomes, reducing resistance to antibiotics, and decreasing unnecessary costs.

Why is KSB the Gold Standard for Antimicrobial Stewardship? KSB offers what few other healthcare institutions can or do. Our program offers what many tertiary-care academic hospitals cannot. We have a board certified infectious disease specialist, Dr. Alkhalaf, who reviews all antimicrobial orders on a nearly daily basis. This level of service makes programs like ours the Gold Standard for Antimicrobial Stewardship.

Do others help Dr. Alkhalaf perform this function? Yes, it takes a collaborative effort from many individuals to enable him to effectively perform this task daily. He is in constant communication with pharmacy, lab, nursing and his colleagues to evaluate and recommend improvements to antimicrobial prescribing.

Why is this important? We at KSB Hospital are very fortunate to have a program that allows Dr. Alkhalaf to perform these highly clinical tasks on a daily basis. This is NOT the norm for institutions our size.  Our stewardship program functions to improve patient care, minimize antibiotic resistance and reduce costs. Stewardship, like ours at KSB, not only helps patients in the hospital but also serves to protect antimicrobial integrity for our community.

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