Improvements in Commerce Towers by Medical Imaging Director Tim Broos

Recently, we upgraded the Commerce Towers x-ray unit, which is located on the 3rd floor.  This was a big project, but the resulting improvements are great for our patients and staff.  The Commerce Towers x-ray unit is one of 4 units that exist in outlying clinics (others include Town Square Center, Amboy Clinic, and Oregon Clinic), and it is by far the busiest of those units (1,522 exams at Commerce Towers during Q1 compared to 972 at the other three combined!) being located on the same floor as the Foot & Ankle Clinic, as well as the three Orthopedic Surgeons … and it services the patients of all of the other providers in that building as well.

The unit that was installed is a GE Proteus.  The ceiling mounted tube allows the tech to rotate the tube for off table radiography, which is important for standing hips, knees, feet, and ankles … as well as the ability to get images from a patient in a wheelchair or on a stretcher.  The table also allows for easier access for the patients by  allowing it to be lowered down for a patient in a wheelchair.  Additionally, the technique can be adjusted within the room by the controls on the overhead tube as well as the control panel.   Not only did we get a new unit, there was also significant work done on the Waiting Room and the Office by replacing the flooring and moving one door, and increasing the size of both doors to allow better visibility of patients as they arrive and to allow easier access for wheelchairs.

For those that helped in the transition … including Plant Operations, Housekeeping, Information Systems, and the Auxiliary Volunteers … your cooperation was much appreciated!

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