A Gold Medal in Having Fun – The Quality Department Olympic Games

Earlier this week I posted on my love for all things Olympian.  Little did I know that I would walk down the hallway to KSB Hospital’s Quality Department and experience Closing Ceremonies right here in Dixon!

Elizabeth Accardi, R.N., was the Master of Ceremonies.  Here is Elizabeth’s account of the fun and games:

To commemorate the Olympic Games currently being held in Rio, the Quality Department used this as inspiration to celebrate its own Olympians within the department.  The Quality team members determined characteristics, traits, and qualities that makes our department successful and those were compiled into a list of 23 items.  Examples include Best Communicator, Most Honest, and Kindest Teammate.

Then we each voted for the one team member who best exemplifies each of those 23 individual categories, which were tallied and sealed, and the winners were revealed during this week’s Friday Fun-day Huddle in honor of the Olympic Closing Ceremony being held this weekend. 

Making sure KSB has the highest quality in the business is no laughing matter, but having fun at work makes all of us more motivated and better prepared to take on the work of providing the best care for our patients.



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