Kind words from a patient about Endoscopy Services

I am posting this note from a satisfied patient with permission.  Congratulations Team KSB!

Dear Mr. Schreiner, 

On August 29, 2016, I went to KSB for a colonoscopy/upper G.I. that was administered by Dr. Mustapha.  Upon my arrival at KSB, I had to sign in, of course, and I didn’t get the ladies name at the receptionist desk but she certainly did a good job of putting me at ease as I’m sure anyone that has had that test done, it can be a bit unnerving.  So, that was a good start.  I got called back to get prepped for the procedures and even though I am quite partial to KSB, everyone on staff was absolutely professional and yet the personality of each one was very evident and put me so much more at ease and made going through the tests a bit less stressful. 

Well, today, I went out and brought the mail in, and I couldn’t figure out what the envelope was that I received and upon opening it, here it is a “Thank You” note thanking me for letting then take care of me.  I was absolutely amazed that KSB goes even further than expected and I just would like you to know even a gesture which may seem small to others, was certainly a most pleasant surprise for me. 

Dr. Mustapha had signed the note as well as each one of the staff that was responsible for me that day.  I am so appreciative for the quality care and feeling that each one cared as much about me as they would a member of their own family. 

I hope they will all be recognized and told what a difference each one made that morning.  They all did a great job -what a difference they make at KSB Hospital. 

I thank them all from the bottom of my heart! 




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