Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital? Part One – A Series by Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Officer

Here is the first portion of a two-part series on why being a nurse at KSB Hospital rocks!  Look for Part Two coming soon.


Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital?

KSB has a renowned culture – It’s the People! This legacy is exemplified through all the wonderful nursing staff at KSB that go above and beyond, each day, to meet the needs of their patients and community. This is validated through our high patient satisfaction and nursing employee satisfaction scores. Any employee, patient, or community member can walk the floors of the nursing units and observe the outstanding experiences the KSB nursing staff provides to each and every patient and family.

What makes working at KSB Hospital unique? Nurses are empowered, encouraged, and autonomous. We empower our nursing staff to control their nursing practice. Staff is encouraged to make decisions that impact the front line. Our nurses are involved in the decision process from start to finish on processes, workflow, and changes made that impact their units. KSB participates in a Culture of Safety Survey that represents a ‘just culture’ mentality and healthy work environment. This is another checkpoint we have for our staff that shows how well we are doing.

How does KSB maintain a healthy practice environment? We have a structured vision: “Trusted nurses providing evidence-based care, leveraging technology, and collaborating interdisciplinary teams to advance the practice of nursing.” Over the past five years, nurse leaders have worked with front line staff to create the framework, structure, and choose a nursing theory to use as a guide for nursing practice. In addition to creating a vision, our staff adopted Patricia Benner’s theory, “Novice to Expert” concept that represents that expert nurses develop skills and increased understanding of patient care over time and through education and experience. She theorizes that all nurses fall within five different levels of experience: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. We all begin as a novice and as we refine our skills and garner addition support and resources, we navigate through stages of expertise.  Benner’s theory provides us a foundation to use for assigning clinical competence as well as a tool for assessing competence of nurse sat the bedside.


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