Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital? Part Three – A Series by Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Officer

Here is the third and final part of the series on why being a nurse at KSB Hospital rocks!  This piece shares what our nurses say about being a part of KSB’s care team.


What do the nurses at KSB say?

  • “I love my department and co-workers. My job is very full-filling and I love what I do. I have absolutely no desire to go anywhere else. I am a very happy employee” (Despite living 6 blocks away from CGH and having a husband that works there!)
  • “I have always wanted to work at KSB and in a hospital setting. I love the staff. They are a great group. We all work together well.”
  • “I came to KSB because I was in need of a job. I love the people I work with and feel loyal to the organization.”
  • “I had heard from many people how great it was to work at KSB and applied every time there was a suitable position. It did not take long for me to be chosen as an employee. I love working here and my co-workers. It is a significantly friendlier place than my last place of employment.”
  • “I was employed as a nurse tech and found that experience to be the pivoting factor to ensuring the completion of my nursing degree and my determination to return to KSB. I love my job and my co-workers. Everyone has been so nice, helpful and making every effort to ensure I exceed at my position. In the big institutions you are a number. If you get lost, you are late and no one will help you find your way and they really don’t care if you are happy or succeed in your position. I love working at KSB.”
  • “My work experience at KSB Hospital has always been a positive one.  The people that work at KSB make it a family friendly place to work, and the way the staff all work together make KSB a good team to be a part of.”
  • “One of the things that I love about working at KSB is the close knit feel of staff. (The doctors also treat us as partners and friends, which is very different than what I experienced in a larger hospital.) We spend lots of time at work and the people there become a second family. As a single mom KSB has become a very important part of my social support system. “
  • “At KSB I am able to use my passion for quality care and personal connection in my nursing. The more intimate care and connections I am able to make with patients at a smaller hospital are much more satisfying because the nurse patient ratio affords me the extra time to connect on a deeper level. I feel I am truly making a difference.”
  • “I worked here while I was a student & everyone went out of their way to help me so when I started looking for a job as a nurse KSB was my 1st choice”.
  • “Everyone is so friendly & it feels like a family. People look out for each other”.

Why work for KSB Hospital?

The nursing division at KSB continues to evolve each year. The structure the nursing division has set in place allows nurses to have more input and leadership opportunities regarding decisions that impact the practice environment. Our goal is to focus on excellence and strive for the best practice, best patient outcomes, and best practice environment – and we are excelling at this. Not only do our nurses provide high quality, patient- and family-centered care to our patients, but we partner with patients and their families to meet their needs every day. Our interactions with our colleagues and patients shape the way KSB is seen across the community and how we got our reputation of “It’s the People!”

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