Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital? Part Two – A Series by Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Officer

Here is Part Two of a three-part series on why being a nurse at KSB Hospital rocks!  Look for Part Three coming soon!


Why do nurses choose or continue to practice at KSB?

  • You are not just a number like in a large organization
  • The Average tenure for a KSB Nurse is 11 years
  • Average age of a nurse at KSB is 43
  • 36% of our nurses have a BSN or higher degree
  • Med Surg and ICU staffing is the best in the region – Ssource: Illinois Report Card Act
  • Patient- and family-centered care with interdisciplinary rounding and bedside shift report happens daily
  • Nursing sensitive indicators are rated in the top quartile compared to the national benchmarks
  • Daisy Award Program that recognizes and awards extraordinary nursing care biannually
  • Transformational nurse leaders who adapt to this ever-changing healthcare world
  • RN to BSN program – over $80,000 spend annually
  • RN to Nurse Practitioner reimbursement program
  • Evidence–based clinical initiatives led by front line staff
  • Shared governance environment
  • Free CEU’s using online education through HealthStream
  • Hospital Medicine team that partners with nursing staff
  • High patient satisfaction scores

State of the Art Technology:

  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Nurse call system
  • Wireless glucometers
  • eICU (additional monitoring of ICU patients through telemedicine)
  • Renovated rooms
  • Lift equipment in many rooms
  • CPR Resuscitation quality improvement program
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