Cub Fever – Sleep Can Wait

Many of us in the Midwest are suffering from an illness known as Cub Fever.  Symptoms include racing heart rates, anxiety lasting for nine innings, and loss of sleep due to staying up WAY past our bedtimes.

This “baseball in November Thing” is new to any of us that have witnessed less than 71 seasons of Cubs baseball.

Regardless of what happens in Games 6 & 7, the season of 2016 has been nothing short of magical.  The players on this roster are inherently likable.  Cheering them on is easy to do… even if you are one of those Cardinal or White Sox fans.

I have watched with great interest the leadership style of Joe Maddon.  Joe seems to push all the right buttons for his team, and he understands his group of youngsters are operating under tremendous pressure.

That doesn’t negate the right to enjoy the moment.

“Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure.”

All of us could reflect on that as we go about improving our personal and professional lives.

Thank you Cubbies for a great run!


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