Healthcare and Millennials: The Next Generation

When someone brings up the topic of Millennials (those born between the mid-1980s and 2000), it sometimes garners a few eye rolls.

Jokes and stereotypes aside, however, it is our job at KSB to ensure every patient who walks through our doors is provided with the highest quality care – regardless of age. Millennials are projected to make up the largest percentage of our population in coming years, so instead of staying stagnant in this industry, how can we as a hospital adapt to this dynamic generation?

Two words: convenience and transparency.

Millennials want the convenience of flexible appointment times or extended hours, as well as online appointment scheduling and email capabilities with their physician. Since Millennials grew up with the internet and are accustomed to communicating electronically, we must offer them that option.

Many Millennials also came of age during the Great Recession, meaning they require transparency when it comes to finances. A study from 2015 reported that 41 percent of Millennials request cost estimates before undergoing medical treatment – compared to just 21 percent of Baby Boomers and 18 percent of seniors.

As I hope our patients can attest, KSB is making great strides in meeting the needs of this important age group and successfully moving our health system into the future of care.

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