Bring passion every day

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I watched college football.  Lots of college football.  It was Rivalry Week, pairing together schools that have a true dislike for each other.  Iowa/Nebraska, Wisconsin/Minnesota, and the granddaddy of all rivalries, Michigan/Ohio State.

Television coverage of the Michigan/Ohio State game started a full five hours before kick-off, with the College GameDay crew on the Ohio State campus. The passion of the fans caught my attention.  Decked out in red and white and sporting all kinds of signs of their distaste for all things Michigan.

The thought occurred to me as to how we maintain that level of passion for the way we care for our patients.

Football rivalries pale in comparison with the energy that should be spent in taking care of our patients and their families at their most vulnerable moments.

For some of our patients, it feels like 4th and long all the time.

As healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to be at game time efforts every day, with every patient encounter.

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