We are the ones that shape our communities

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I do not use this blog to share my political beliefs, and I am not going to start now.  I do, however, use this space to talk about our community.

I came across the following passage, and feels it accurately reflects the challenges we have before us.

Please get out and vote, and then, regardless of the outcome, let us get on the path to healing.


6 Comments on “We are the ones that shape our communities”

  1. Thank you sharing the W on the arch… We will fly it for 7 days to represent the final 7 games it took to achieve the ultimate feat in sports history. The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champs!
    Still trying to digest the magnitude in what it means not only to myself but to so many generations of faithful fans.

    We do shape our community and what could matter more…?
    Dixon is on the move in so many great directions and we the people have the power to make a difference each and every day in this great place that we live, work and play.
    Get on board, get involved, be proud to be a Dixonite. We are blessed with great industry, education, culture, recreation, leadership, healthcare, retail, service and outlets for all religious beliefs and not to forget, we are one of the safest communities in the state.

    Thanks KSB for all the good you bring to our community,

    Mike Venier

  2. Dave, thank you for writing this. It’s a helpful and accurate reminder that we can all remain civil, productive, and happy in our individual and communal pursuits. I appreciate the sentiment greatly.

  3. Great stuff. And right on the mark. I hope the healing begins anew tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

  4. So true. Supporting our families & community is definitely where it starts… it can only grow significantly from there!

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