“I Am Blessed” by KSB Hospital Nurse Leader Jill Scheffler, RN

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As the holidays fast approach us, we all are running around decorating, shopping, wrapping, and baking like crazy people. I am one of those crazy people, trying to organize my life so that Christmas this year is the perfect miracle.  Why am I doing this to myself?  Well this year I am blessed to spend some of my Christmas Day here at KSB working as many healthcare professional do on the holidays.  I am not being sarcastic when I say “I am blessed” to be working on Christmas Day because I get to do what I love “taking care of our patients and our staff” at KSB.   Life is too short to be bitter or disappointed because of our work schedules.

Here are a couple of suggestions to get you through working the holiday blues: plan a potluck with your co-workers, wear holiday scrubs, decorate your unit, and play Christmas music.

Remember it’s just a few hours; it’s not a lifetime. Be proud that you work the holidays. Take this time to rejuvenate yourself with love and kindness for your fellow man.  The holidays are a time for giving.  The best gift you could give to humanity is your dedication in your profession.

Have a great holiday shift, I know I will!



7 Comments on ““I Am Blessed” by KSB Hospital Nurse Leader Jill Scheffler, RN”

  1. Thank you Jill! This brings tears to my eyes. We forget how lucky we are to share this time with our patients and colleagues.

  2. Jill you truly are a blessed person to work with even if I don’t work on the Holiday. May God Bless you and your family ans well as the KSB family of caregivers you will be working with on Christmas.

  3. That’s complete dedication to your profession and your coworkers will be glad to have you there do what you do best!!! Your a wonderful nurse as well as a person! God bless you!

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