A Lesson from John Dixon

The rapid changes occurring in healthcare are only bound to continue. New medicines? Absolutely. Breakthroughs in delivering care? Everyday.

One common change for hospitals is the expansion of access to care in an effort to make healthcare easier for patients. New forms of care continue to enter the healthcare industry from mobile health to home health and beyond. One thing I’ve learned from these changes, though, is there are always lessons from those who came before us.

And who better to learn from than the man for whom our fair city is named, our very own John Dixon?

Mr. Dixon who was originally from Westchester County, N.Y., suffered from a pulmonary disease and had to travel by covered wagon with his family to eventually find somewhere that suited his health needs better. He would eventually settle in what we now call Dixon, Ill., where he lived 56 more years until his death in 1876.

While covered wagons aren’t common in Dixon these days, inconvenient care is unfortunately something too many of us can relate to. Thankfully, today we have new technologies and expanded locations throughout Dixon to reach those who need care. And it’s up to all of us to embrace these new opportunities.

Change can be difficult. Finding convenient, high-quality healthcare shouldn’t be. For embracing new changes, and seeking better health in a better location, we thank John Dixon for being a role model to KSB Hospital and for our entire Dixon community.

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