Recapping the 2017 KSB Employee Meetings

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This picture shows nationally-renowned speaker Richard Corder kicking back and focusing just before the start of KSB Hospital’s 2017 Employee Meeting at The Historic Dixon Theatre.

There were so many takeaways from our time together. The one that will stay with me is “emotions and values can spread in a community with the same patterns as infections diseases”.

This quote was pulled by Richard from a Harvard Business Review article.

An additional message shared by Richard is the concept of “fixing the mirror”. When one sees a hair out of place, a tie not quite right, or a button left undone, do we reach into the mirror to fix the issue, or do we reach towards ourselves?

I pledge to start every day trying not to fix others, but rather to focus on my behavior.

What kind of message and attitude do you want to spread?

2 Comments on “Recapping the 2017 KSB Employee Meetings”

  1. It was a great message from both Richard Corder and you, Dave. Thanks so much for the guest speaker and positive words to move into our future.

  2. Richard’s message was very powerful and am very glad I was able to hear him speak! Love his enthusiasm and energy!

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