Partnering together for great care

This week I have the opportunity to attend The Institute for Healthcare Executives & Suppliers bi-annual meeting.  I have participated with this group for nearly seven years, and find it to be an interesting and mutually beneficial concept.

Vendors meet with small groups of hospital leaders, generally 6 -8 people, and present products and services that are either not yet at market or recently released.  The goal is for the suppliers to hear from the executives suggestions on how the product might be marketed, what kind of questions might be asked, and if adjustments should be made to the offering.

Like any meeting or conference, the best value lies in meeting the people.  This group, led by Nashville-based Hays Waldrup, are kind, brilliant and willing to share best practices from across the country.

Examples of products I have brought back to KSB include 1-800-DOCTOR, WhiteCloud Analytics, IWT Health, Juniper Advisory and Integrated Healthcare Services.

Improving the care we provide to our community is easier with wonderful partners, and IHES helps bring us together.

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