Cerner Picks Up Post from KSB Hospital

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I am pleased to announce that has gone national.  I was invited to be a guest author on the topic of patient satisfaction.  That post went live today and can be seen by clicking here.

Thank you, Cerner, for the opportunity!

3 Comments on “Cerner Picks Up Post from KSB Hospital”

  1. With Cerner Corp now working with KSB, my inquiries are as follows; Does Cerner employees have access to my medical files? If so, how can KSB assure me and their entire patient clientele, that out medical records are not shared with Cerner Employees and/or if it is so or becomes so, what, if any, are their consequences for leaking our private information to loved ones or anyone for that matter? I appreciate your quickness on this issue!!


    Julie E Pontnack

    1. Julie,

      This is a great question. So much so that I will be posting an article next week that, hopefully, addresses your concerns.

      Check back early next week, and thank you for the question.


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