United Way of Lee County – Helping Those In Need

The United Way of Lee County wrapped up their campaign this past week, raising $418,000 for our community. In consideration of the challenges many social service agencies are faced with the State of Illinois budget, these dollars are vital in allowing many organizations to continue their vital work.  Congratulations to Executive Director Jenny Koch and Campaign Co-Chairs Sam Ramirez and Mandy Curia on a job well done.

It was gratifying to see a full house at the United Way dinner. We all hear stories about how “those people” are not invested and engaged.  How young people are not “joiners”.

That story didn’t hold true Friday evening.

Congratulations to KSB Hospital’s Tim Broos for his recognition as Board Member of the Year. I am also more than a bit proud of KSB Hospital for being among the highest corporate contributors to the campaign.  Some of those dollars came from KSB, however the majority were donated by our employees.

Once again, KSB and our people do what’s right to improve lives.

This support is more important now than ever.

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