Celebrating Dixon

I am always proud of Dixon and the surrounding communities, and I am especially thrilled to see Dixon all dressed up for the Petunia Festival.  It amazes me the work that goes into this weekend.  Board President Dana Chacon and his team started working on 2017 the day after the 2016 festival ended.  The list of events and activities is quite impressive, and seems to get better every year.  Beginning with Nancy Varga and her team at the Reagan Run, including Dixon Police Chief Dan Langloss and his officers who work long hours, and all of the organizations that make a great parade on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

That’s dedication, and I am especially appreciative.

Two of my favorite volunteers are DeAnne & Jeff White (pictured here).  DeAnne is an executive at Sinnissippi Centers, and Jeff is a physical therapist at KSB Hospital.  The hours, energy and effort they put in is incredible.

From all of us to all of you, thank you for an amazing weekend!

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