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I grew up in a town of 4,200 people.  I fully admit to having a small-town bias.  And I love Dixon and the small communities in KSB’s service area.

As a kid, I knew I appreciated a neighbor giving me a ride home when I crashed my bike on the other side of town.  As a teenager, I was well aware that the threat from a police officer to tell my dad was way scarier than the threat of a ticket.

I love the Petunia Festival, Autumn On Parade, Town & Country Days, Depot Days, as well as all the other days that give us an excuse to celebrate where we live.

I love the fact that I can drive in Lee and Ogle County for months without ever hearing a horn honked in anger.

I love the excitement generated by a great high school sports team.  There is nothing on the planet like Friday Night Lights at a small town high school field.

And I love the fact that KSB is not THE hospital… It’s OUR hospital.  Your team at KSB is fighting every day to earn that trust.

What do you like best about where you live?  Comment below.  There may be a prize waiting for the best answer.

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  • Anne Noble
    Posted at 10:13h, 29 September Reply

    I grew up in a small town in the South, population around 10,000. While I was ready to spread my wings beyond the boundaries of my hometown, I wanted to find a place that had a similar hometown feel.

    Dixon is that place for me. Having the privilege of working at KSB has given me the chance to get to know a few hundred people in the KSB community that translate to the Dixon community. It didn’t take long to feel like a Dixonite. Seeing co-workers in the community and having them acknowledge me and strike up a conversation was my first indication that I was in a community of kind, caring people and even better, a workplace of kind, caring people. Other encounters that would seem insignificant to others made me feel like I belonged in this community, such as, no longer having to tell my name when I drop off clothing at the dry cleaners, because they remember me (or maybe I am terrible with laundry and send too many things to the cleaners!). Or, the bank tellers calling me by name before they see my bank document.

    My family briefly relocated to another town for the past year and it quickly became apparent that the community and social environment was not fitting with our expectations. It has been a breath of fresh air to be back in Dixon and at KSB. I realize even more how special our community is, having been away for the last year. I will also add that the service and availability KSB Hospital and Clinics provide to our community is more valuable than most people realize. Being able to have a variety of specialists and clinics with flexible hours for patients is extremely important for a community to thrive. To receive the care I expect for the previous year (again, Dixon set the bar high), I was traveling over an hour. This meant taking my child out of school for appointments, or having to make arrangements for after school pick up if I had to be gone for an appointment. This also meant I was spending money on food and gas in other communities.

    Thank you to the Dixon community for taking in an outsider and making me feel welcome!

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