Nurses Don’t Always Eat Their Young

I received an incredible gift last week from KSB Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer, Linda Clemen.  I asked Linda to pull together some “new” nurses. Approximately ten professionals that have recently completed their education and began their career as a nurse at KSB Hospital.

I asked about their on boarding experience, their transition from working at KSB as a CNA and transitioning into the role of a Registered Nurse.  I heard their perspectives on what goals and aspirations they have in the first few years of their career, and I received some ideas on how we can better serve our patients.

One common theme was appreciation for how the tenured nurses at KSB care for the recent graduates.  Words such as kind, caring, patience, were all in the conversation.

After having spent time with these young graduates, I am confident in saying you are in great hands when you need care here at KSB.  I feel blessed to have them on our team.

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