Rural Hospitals – Caring For Our Communities

Our community suffered a horrific farm accident this week.  This follows far too closely on the heels of a house fire that claimed the lives of a family in late October.

Rural hospitals play a special role in tragedies.  KSB Hospital’s team of professionals jump into action when a crisis hits, preparing as soon as news is heard of an event.  We train on a regular basis to be prepared to handle whatever comes our way, and when tragedy strikes we are ready to provide care.  The worse feeling is when we find out the injuries were simply too extreme and we won’t have the chance to help.

KSB staff in the Emergency Department and our Social Workers routinely make me proud of their competency and deep level of caring.  In a rural community far too often those impacted are friends, family, neighbors… and sometimes even connected to the KSB Family.

Our team are pros when they need to be.  It’s often when we drive home later that day that the caring jumps out and the tears start.  We grieve for those taken from us and for their family and friends left behind.  Our hearts go out to the men and women of Dixon Rural Fire, Dixon City Fire, Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Dixon Police.  These people are part of our family too.

We will find ways to show love and respect to those impacted by these events.  After all, we are “Dixon-nice”.  It’s what we do and who we are, and why I don’t ever want to live anywhere else.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Make time today to call your mom and dad, hug your kids and spoil your grandchildren.

And know that our KSB Family will be there for your family if you ever need us.

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