KSB Mission Trip – Day 4- by Board Chairman Doug Lee

If one word were to sum up Day 4 of the KSB Mission Trip, it would be “generosity.”

From the moment we arrived in Ccatca, we knew we were in for a busy day. Scores of patients were waiting for us, and we had been warned most spoke Quechua, not the Spanish we became accustomed to the day before.

Undaunted, the KSB professionals, assisted by four translators, sprang into action. With unparalleled generosity, the team treated over 230 patients in six-plus hours, breaking only for the time it took to wolf down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The team’s care was awe-inspiring. Whether it was Dr. Nag bringing a mother to happy tears by informing her she hadn’t caused her child’s mental retardation, or Dr. Appenheimer or Dr. Reckamp giving hope to men and women whose hard work has left them in severe pain, or Luke Herbert calmly explaining prescriptions to anxious parents or Linda Clemen and Marissa Frost cheerfully taking vital signs even though the line stretched the width of the gym floor, every patient experienced the caring KSB touch.

In the midst of all this activity, Dave Schreiner and Julie Ammon filled in everywhere, helping me with heights and weights, giving eye exams and applying fluoride treatments.

Dave and Julie also gave out the many gifts generously donated by others. The biggest hits were the dozens of dresses made for young girls by the Ladies of St. Patrick’s Church of Maytown. The children and families also appreciated donated used clothes, candy and Polaroid photos. Throughout the day, the easiest way to find Dave and Julie was to look for the happy mob of children engulfing them.

Nothing could reflect better on KSB and the communities it serves than the generosity of those that made Day 4 so special. It was humbling and an honor to witness it

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