KSB Mission Trip- Day 6 – By Greg Reckamp, M.D.

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As I review the last few days of providing care to some of the wonderful people of Peru, I realize that health problems are universal – arthritis, infection, cancer, kidney stones, glaucoma.  Every health problem I saw I could see in Oregon on Monday.  The difference of course are the resources available to treat these problems.

In the United States we are blessed to to have many resources and medications.    But healthcare is more than resources.  Providing health care means caring, something that  is easy to lose sight of in the day to day frustrations of an office practice. 

I saw caring in work the KSB team did and I saw caring in the frustrations we shared about the lack of resources available to help the Peruvians we saw.  I left Peru wishing we could do more, but knowing we did our best.  I was reminded how lucky and blessed I am to do this every to do this everyday.

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