KSB Mission Trip – Day 7 – By Our Healthcare Professionals

Today’s post shares the experiences of KSB Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen, R.N., Marissa Frost, R.N., Social Worker Julie Ammon, and Pharmacy Director Luke Herbert, PharmD.

How does care in Cusco differ from KSB?

The foundations of nursing, social services, and pharmacy in the US is to care, be kind and give the patient the best medicine to promote healing and health. The focus in Cusco, Peru is the same, only with limited resources.

As nurses, we didn’t understand the language and we needed the physicians to utilize the interpreters, so we were left with nonverbal communication, caring touch, and holding of the hand to provide reassurance that help was here.

For social services, without any resources, it took applying fluoride to the teeth of children and adults, a simple smile and acknowledging that their poor dental health was nothing to be ashamed of, and we were here to help.

Without a pharmacist our work would not have been possible.  In this area, and all areas, we learned to do the best we could with what we had to work with. When a child needs Bactrim and all we have in liquid is Augmentin, that is what is provided to the patient. When the patient has pain and needs Tylenol or Ibuprofen you give what you can, knowing the next village will need some too, and the supplies are dwindling.

So what is the point?  The point is that the people of Peru need relief, a smile, and reassurance… similar to what the patients at KSB are truly looking for, expecting, and we deliver.

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