KSB Mission Trip – Day One – A View From the Chairman

KSB Hospital Board Chairman Doug Lee presents his take on the mission trip.

When I discuss KSB’s medical mission trip with friends, I usually get two questions. First, they wonder why KSB is making such a trip. Second, they wonder what the heck I’m going do when I get there.

Both questions are good ones. Different people, I suppose, would answer the “why” differently. To me, the “why” is for KSB to do its part as a global citizen.

As it became clear to me that KSB could survive and thrive as an independent hospital, it occurred to me that independent health care organizations in our country have a role to play in the greater world. By serving the less fortunate in a place far from home, I believe KSB is fulfilling that role and maybe, in some small way, encouraging others to do the same.

As to the second question, I have no idea. A couple people (really) thought I was going because someone needed to make sure that everyone we treated signed a waiver. No, I’m leaving my legalese at home and intend to do whatever I can to help our providers serve as many people as possible. If something needs carried, I’ll carry it. If errands need run, I’ll run them. If someone needs to play soccer with the kids so mom and dad can get treated, I’ll try to do that, recognizing that the last thing anyone needs is for me to become a patient myself.

I’m thrilled beyond words that this mission has been enthusiastically received by my fellow travelers, the broader KSB family and our community. We’ll do our best to make you proud. Wish us luck.

  • Andrea Cook
    Posted at 08:50h, 14 April Reply

    Proud of my KSB team!!! Wishing you all safe travels on your journey.

  • christi langeler
    Posted at 11:10h, 17 April Reply

    That is wonderful! Prayers for a wonderful and fulfilling trip.

  • CP
    Posted at 10:05h, 18 April Reply

    Making a difference !

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