KSB Mission Trip – Day Two- Arrive in Peru

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Dr. Nag dines on guinea pig.  After approximately 21 hours of travel, team KSB landed in Cusco, Peru late Sunday morning.  We were warmly greeted by our mission coordinator and taken to our house, where the nine of us will be staying for the next week.  Based on Dr. Nag’s dining selection, that altitude sickness that causes a change in mental acuity may have hit at least one of us.

The afternoon consisted of an orientation program to prepare us for the upcoming clinical days.  Tomorrow we begin our service to the people of Perú.








4 Comments on “KSB Mission Trip – Day Two- Arrive in Peru”

  1. CUY…the guinea pig…tastes pretty good if you put a lot of hot sauce on it…it almost tastes like chicken. That also helps with altitude sickness. Have a great time guys.

  2. Experiencing new cultures is my favorite thing about traveling! Immersing yourself in their food and culture is an important part of exploring the world!

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