Privacy Matters – A Question From A Pulse Reader

KSB Pulse reader Julie wrote the following:

With Cerner Corp now working with KSB, my inquiries are as follows; Do Cerner employees have access to my medical files? If so, how can KSB assure me and their entire patient clientele, that our medical records are not shared with Cerner Employees and if it is so or becomes so, what, if any, are their consequences for leaking our private information to loved ones or anyone for that matter? I appreciate your quickness on this issue!!


I reached out to Cerner and received this response from Mitchell Clark, President – Community Works for Cerner Corporation:


Health care providers have trusted Cerner with their patient’s records for nearly 40 years, and we take that trusted relationship very seriously.  Cerner has technical controls in place that permit only those Cerner Associates who need access to Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital’s patient records to provide direct support and service to KSB to have access to those records. 

Those Cerner Associates who are given access to KSB’s patient records are trained in the HIPAA principles that mandate access to the minimum extent necessary to provide support and service to KSB. 

Cerner’s Code of Conduct requires that Associates who are provided access to KSB’s patient data are required to use that data only for legitimate business purposes such as providing support and services to KSB.  Associates who inappropriately use or disclose KSB’s patient information are subject to discipline up to and including termination of their employment.

Julie, your question is a great one, and all of us at KSB continually train and are reminded of the importance of patient confidentiality.  Privacy is essential to everyone.  I would argue privacy is even more critical in a rural community.


Thank you for the question, and as importantly, thank you for your trust in KSB Hospital.

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  • Tammy Homman
    Posted at 09:55h, 09 April Reply

    All contracted personnel who could have access to a patient’s protected health information sign confidentiality agreements. All of us who have access to records are required to only access those records for our job requirements, and we cannot disclose without proper authorizations. Additionally, the law itself includes fines, often hefty, and even jail time as punishments. Rest assured, we at KSB and our contracted personnel take privacy very seriously.

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