Odin & The Penguin – Retaining Curiosity

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Our house recently acquired a puppy.  Please note that I did not say “bought” a puppy.  Our son, Andrew, bought a puppy.

It seems as if there would be a big difference between us buying a dog and our son buying a dog.

Not so much.  Odin is at our house.

The penguin picture made me think of the way curiosity is at the leading edge of how young people, dogs, penguins, learn.  Odin is interested in everything.  He’s learning every second.

When do we lose that hunger for curiosity?  How much greater could our impact on those we serve be magnified if we retained that desire to learn about them?

Here’s your homework assignment.  Be curious.  Ask questions.  Lean into the person or thing in front of you.

And if you have any ideas on how to convince a golden doodle to stop licking my face, please get back to me.

5 Comments on “Odin & The Penguin – Retaining Curiosity”

  1. Try applying something that Odin would not like the taste of to your face. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what that would be. I would think a cream with capsaicin would do it, but not sure I would want that on my face.

  2. What a cute puppy! We have a labra-doodle and Lilly is 7. She has not stopped licking-kissing yet!

  3. You’re still taller than the pup when standing… Maybe when you are being licked, it’s just getting the love that you need from an unconditional source. Don’t try changing the dog, try enjoying the new life. We only get to experience that a small given amount of times. Embrace the love. (only puppies tend to get really excited when you embrace them, so you might want to keep your hands to yourself unless you want to be loved by the tiny needle-like puppy teeth!)

  4. Perhaps you’ve discovered a part of preserving one’s youth. It’s not necessarily about staying physically young, but maintaining a “young” mindset through curiosity and an appetite for continuously learning new things.
    Here’s a tip for the vivacious pup; embrace the love!

  5. Too cute! Looks like maybe Odin was an early birthday gift for you, Dave! Curiosity sure is a young soul’s game, I have been noticing this as my step son asks questions and I try not to get annoyed when I have worked all day and just need a moment. Sometimes with the things he asks stop me in my tracks and are a reminder to me that I should slow down and notice the small, beautiful things in the world.

    Happy puppy training! Good luck with all the licking!

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