A Time to Be Proud – by Dr. El Bzour, KSB Cardiologist

At KSB, part of our mission is to enhance health by providing superior care, now and in the future. For physicians, that means staying up-to-date on healthcare trends and technology so that we can continue to serve our patients with state-of-the-art, high-quality care right here in Dixon.

Last month, I completed a procedure that I felt compelled to share with our community as a demonstration of how our hospital is continuing to learn and to live out our mission in everything we do.

As the Chair of Medicine for Cardiology, I have performed many angioplasty procedures throughout my time here. For years, we have used the arm as the access point to help us reach clogged or damaged blood vessels. We have not had the capability to use the arm for further away areas – such as the leg – because technology had not made it possible. This has been unfortunate for patients because angioplasties from the arm are typically much more comfortable and safer.

I’m happy to share that KSB recently invested in new tools and technology that can reach knee-level areas from a minimally-invasive entry at the wrist. On October 15, I became the first physician to use this specific technology in the northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin region. And, while I’m proud of that achievement, I’m prouder to be part of the KSB family and to work in a place with such dedication to its community, its employees and its patients.

And thanks to this dedication, technology like these new angioplasty balloons and tubes have great benefits for our patients. For example, this new surgical option offers patients a much faster and more comfortable recovery than was previously available. Previously, angioplasties often required at least one overnight stay. Now, patients typically stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 hours. That, in turn, makes the procedure much more affordable, since there’s no inpatient visit.

Most importantly, however, this new technology means fewer complications for our patients, leading to better outcomes and a quicker return to normal life. That means we get to continue fulfilling our mission – and making a difference in the lives of another generation in Dixon.

  • Dr. Monther El Bzour, MD, FACC
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