2010 To Now: 650+ Posts On The Pulse

In 2010 Congress passed Obamacare, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was in the news, a new type of technology called the iPad was released, Justin Bieber was topping the charts and, on  August 4, 2010, the first story was written on The Pulse.  This first post, copied below was the beginning of a journey that has lasted for over eight years, encompassing 650 posts.

Somehow you found your way here, and I’m glad you did. Welcome to The KSB Pulse. Today signifies day one of an employee-centered blog highlighting all the great things about the people of KSB.

I’ll use this space to share stories about What’s Right at KSB. You have some work to do as well. In the right tab is a link to my email. You can also click the comment link found at the bottom of each story. I hope you will take the time to share great stories and, most importantly, your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to make KSB the best place for patients to receive care, for physicians to practice medicine, and for employees to work.

I make no promise to publish all the ideas and stories, but I do promise to follow through with the appropriate administrative staff member and research your improvement suggestions.

I hope you come back often.

You have come back often, and for that I am thankful.  I want you to look forward to our time together, and I need your input to make sure your time is valuable.  Drop me a comment on what type of stories you like, what you want to hear more about and any other ideas you might have on how we can make The Pulse useful to you.

Thank you for coming back.


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